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Vinhomes Bason villas in District 1 for rent-Best price and best customer service.

Vinhomes Bason Villas in District 1 for rent is the most expensive villa area right in the city center, the last piece of land with 2 sides adjacent to the Saigon River, designed in a neoclassical style. French architectural dictionary.

The Victoria villas District  is the most prosperous and prestigious area in Saigon, considered a diamond location with 4 million-dollar views: the view facing the Saigon River is the new Thu Thiem administrative area, view from the front. The front of Ton Duc Thang street is the luxurious center of District 1, the view from the front of Nguyen Huu Canh street is the Botanical Garden, known as the green lung of the city, the view of Binh Thanh is the Saigon Pearl urban area. and Vinhomes Central Park.


  • Villa in Vinhomes Bason District 1 for rent with area 225m2 for RENT price 8,500$ – 12,5000$
  • Villa in Vinhomes Bason District 1 for rent area 325m2 for RENT price 11,000$ – 13,500$
  • Villa in Vinhomes Bason District 1 for rent area 437.5m2  for RENT price 14,000$ – 15,500$

Vinhomes Bason Villas in District 1 for rent has a scale of 25.29 hectares divided into 4 main subdivisions: The Aqua, The Luxury, The Front with more than 8,000 apartments in 15 apartment towers of 38 floors to 50 floors, 1 60-storey office tower and The Victoria Villa area with 63 single and semi-detached villas.





  • Reputable investor: Vingroup Corporation (Tan Lien Phat)
  • Location: No. 2 Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
  • Scale: 63 semi-detached and single villas
  • Area has 3 types: 225m2 – 275m2 – 475m2
  • Architecture: Neoclassical French style
  • Construction start: first quarter of 2016
  • Handover: completed and being handed over since November 2017

Vinhomes Golden River villa in District 1 for rent area is located in the Vinhomes Ba Son project of Vingroup. The investor built a total of 63 luxury villas in The Victoria area with full luxury utility systems and services.

Villa Vinhomes Golden River is located in a prime location at the intersection of 3 districts: Binh Thanh, District 1 and District 2. Built with two main product types: single villas and semi-detached villas. The villas began construction in 2016 and were handed over to customers in 2018.





  1. Diamond riverside location right in the heart of District 1

The Victoria Villa   District 1 Vinhomes Golden River owns a prime diamond location right in the center, with convenient traffic connections right at station 3 of the first Metro line in Vietnam. Metro Line 3 is run underground inside the project and emerges right at station 3 of Metro Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien, above is a nearly 1km long riverside walkway and more than 1 hectare of parks and flower gardens. Tropical climate brings cool and fresh air to the entire Villa area.

Regional links from the Vinhomes Golden River project easily connect from the gateway to the center of District 1 and neighboring districts.

The advantage of 2 frontages adjacent to 2 arterial roads into the city center is Ton Duc Thang street and Nguyen Huu Canh street, from Vinhomes Golden River project, it is easy to move to the following districts:

  • Connecting districts 1 and 3 directly to the beginning of Le Thanh Ton street.
  • Connecting to Binh Thanh district right in front of Nguyen Huu Canh street
  • Connecting to District 2 goes from Nguyen Huu Canh street across Saigon Bridge, Thu Thiem 1 bridge and Thu Thiem 2 bridge directly connecting at the beginning of Ton Duc Thang street.
  • Connecting the high-tech park from District 9 to the city center by Metro Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien line right at terminal 3 in the heart of the Vinhomes Golden River project.

Strategic location with high economic potential for profit in the future, affirming upper class, is the final piece of the puzzle to create the most modern luxury brand in Saigon.

  1. Inheriting the privilege of 7-star royal style right in the heart of District 1

The Victoria Villa District 1 is a special area with a frontage adjacent to more than 1km of Saigon River, the most valuable diamond land left in the heart of Saigon. Super project Vinhomes Golden River District 1 is considered the most luxurious riverside ecological urban area in the city without any competitors. Fully inherit the privileges of 25 main utilities and more than 100 utilities of the accompanying project area.

Images of amenities:

The entire The Victoria Villa District 1 is equipped with a 100% backup power system (air conditioning) and 7-star standard technical infrastructure, free wifi system covering the entire The Victoria Villa area, Wastewater, garbage and insect treatment systems are carried out regularly, a strict 3-layer protection system ensures absolute safety for residents of the villa area and a surveillance camera and intercom system is connected. Directly from the Villa and security room.

Vinhomes Golden River model apartment

  1. French neoclassical architectural design style

The team of architects who created the Vinhomes Golden River super project complex and The Victoria villa area in District 1 were combined by Vingroup and EDSA – America’s No. 1 landscape design unit. The entire Victoria villa area has a neoclassical French style, modern luxury, and 7-star high-class style.


Image of The Victoria villa design in District 1 Vinhomes Golden River

The highlight of the design style of The Victoria Villa area is that all villas are designed in a modern Neoclassical style. With this design, Vingroup has applied it very successfully to the Beach Villas at Vietnam’s No. 1 Vinpearl Villas resorts in Phu Quoc, Vinpearl Nha Trang, Vinpearl Da Nang and a number of villa complexes. Luxury luxury at Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien Hanoi and Vinhomes Villas area in the most modern urban area Vinhomes Central Park, also known as Vinhomes Tan Cang.

  1. The Victoria Villa District 1 is located in the richest and most classy residential complex in the center of Saigon

The entire The Victoria Villa area is surrounded on one side by the Saigon River and is located right at the core of District 1 commercial center and the complex of luxury apartment buildings of the super project Vinhomes Golden River District 1. It is a place of convergence and Bringing together the upper classes and successful merchants, creating a perfect lifestyle with unmatched civilization and modernity.

  1. Limited number of only 63 The Victoria villas right in the center of Vinhomes Golden River super project District 1

The architecture of the entire Victoria Villa District 1 Vinhomes Golden River area is designed in two main models: Single Villa and Semi-detached Villa.

Detailed specifications of the designs of 63 The Victoria Villas in District 1:

Single Villa: 9 units

  • Single villa model 1A has 5 units, area: 437.5m2 (20×22.5)
  • Single villa model 1B has 4 units, area: 437.5m2 (20×22.5)

Semi-detached Villa: 54 units

  • Semi-detached villa model 1A and model 1B have 45 units, area: 225m2 (10×22.5)
  • Semi-detached villa model 2A and model 2B have 9 units with area:  325m2 (15× 22.5)
  • Detailed floor plans of Victoria Villa lots in District 1

Construction specifications for Villa models: 3m front, 2m back, 1 basement + 1 ground floor + 2 floors + 1 attic.

  • Handover standards: finished outside and rough inside
  • Internal road 13m (road bed 7m, sidewalk 3m).
  • The corner lots are all cornered and have a private swimming pool for the villa floor.
  • The basement is an area where the owner can make a warehouse, wine cellar, or family entertainment room
  • Ground floor: includes private swimming pool area, car parking area, living room, kitchen and dining room.
  • 2nd and 3rd floors: bedroom area, each with private toilet.




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