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The Antonia Phu My Hung apartment for rent in District 7-Best price and best service

The Antonia Phu My Hung apartment for rent is considered one of the projects with the highest sustainable value in Phu My Hung. The project is not only a great place to live but also marks a new change in high-end real estate products. Please contact the sales department for advice and to see actual apartments at the project:





One bedroom apartment for rent in The Antonia Phu My Hung

Area: 50 m2

Status: Basic furniture handed over from investor

Rental price: 15-16 million/month

Two bedroom apartment for rent in The Antonia Phu My Hung

Area: 80-90 m2

Status: Basic furniture handed over from the investor and full furniture

Rental price: 20-25 million/month

Three bedroom apartment for rent in The Antonia Phu My Hung

Area: 107-115 m2

Status: Basic furniture handed over from the investor and full furniture

Rental price: 25-30 million/month

Four bedroom apartment for rent in The Antonia Phu My Hung

Area: 115 m2

Status: Basic furniture handed over from the investor and full furniture

The Antonia Phu My Hung shophouse for rent 
Please contact our sales department  for further information.

Overview information about The Antonia Phu My Hung project

  • Project name: THE ANTONIA PHU MY HUNG
  • Investor: Phu My Hung Development and Limited Company (28 years of experience)
  • Location: 4 fronts of Nguyen Luong Bang street, center of Phu My Hung
  • Number of blocks/floors: 2 separate blocks A and B / 24 aboveground floors, 2 basement floors
  • Total number of apartments:  366 units
  • Handover quality: Basic finishing, high-quality imported European materials

The Antonia Phu My Hung apartment project is considered a valuable creative space and an extremely attractive place to live for those who want to enhance the value of their lives. With a beautiful location combined with modern design from the brands DWP and Korn Architects, one of the names with more than 26 years of experience in the foreign market. 

It can be said that the project is a huge investment from Phu My Hung. This is an investor that not only has the potential but also has the way to create a classy and timeless living space. Many customers want to rent apartments at The Antonia to enjoy an upscale living space with lasting value.


Why should you own and rent an apartment at The Antonia?

The Antonia apartment project is considered not only a place to go but also an ideal investment space. Any investor wants to have the opportunity to own for long-term or short-term investment.

The highlights of the project that need to be listed are:

Location of The Antonia Phu My Hung

First of all, the need to rent The Antonia is currently very popular with customers because the project has an extremely prime location. Located in the heart of Phu My Hung and inheriting the surrounding space with more than 14 green parks. Creates a fresh, fresh space that is extremely pleasant and gentle.

Nguyen Luong Bang financial street is considered the green peninsula of Nam Vien. So when The Antonia appears, all advantages are gathered here. Because, this place has a full utility system and service center. In addition, in feng shui, this is considered a place with a “string of pearls” earth position. This prosperity exudes fortune and luck for the homeowners. 

Because of the advantages of location, residents living at The Antonia will be more conveniently connected to surrounding amenities as well as convenient transportation.

From the location of The Antonia apartment, residents can easily move and access a series of entertainment, commercial, educational, health care, community space… Besides, with the advantage of Nguyen Luong Bang street is one of the backbone roads of the urban area that Phu My Hung is oriented to develop into a busy commercial avenue with a series of shops running along, bringing experiential journeys. interesting for residents living here. Famous destinations such as Crescent Lake, Anh Sao Bridge, Crescent Mall, and central marina are also about 5 minutes away.

A series of high-class amenities and amenities at the project

The Antonia is located in a conveniently connected Golden location and inherits a series of extremely attractive amenities. Residents who rent apartments here will be able to meet their living, shopping, and entertainment needs with a series of modern and high-end amenities.

Green parks such as: Nam Vien Park, Crescent Park, Marina Park, Cherry Blossom Park – Sakura Park.

Commercial street on Nguyen Luong Bang street: Annam Gourmet supermarket, Starbuck coffee, VIB Bank, ACB, Vietcombank, Co.opmart supermarket, An Phuoc fashion, Pierre Cardin.

School system at all levels: Saigon South School for preschool, 1, 2, 3 levels, Tiny Flower preschool, Canadian international school for preschool, 1, 2, 3, Le Van Tam primary school, Dinh school Thien Ly campus 2, Fulbright University…


Scientific floor design

Phu My Hung investor has a new plan for the future and wants all residents to inherit the most sustainable values. Therefore, when designing the premises, it also needs to be meticulous and scientific. Specifically, the project will be divided into 2 basement floors and 24 aboveground floors. Floors 1 + 2 are shophouses, floors 3 are all amenities, floors 4 to 23 are 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments, floor 24 is penthouse.


Modern design

The project was designed by DWP and Korn Architects, this is one of the famous brands with 26 years of experience. With smart design, all apartments have 3 open sides, many corner apartments, balconies, extended views, balconies and bedrooms between apartments are not facing each other “face to face”. ”. Thus, overall, all apartments are airy, receiving extremely pleasant natural wind and sunlight. 


With specific information about prices and detailed reviews of Phu My Hung’s The Antonia project, it is hoped that customers will have more basis to make the best choice for their family. To better understand each apartment and meet your rental needs, please contact us with the following information:




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