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Cardinal Court Phu My Hung apartment for rent in District 7

Cardinal Court Phu My Hung apartment for rent  is a luxury, quality apartment complex for upper-class residents. Building a modern living space is the vision of the investor who wants to lead the best life for all customers. Therefore, the need to buy and rent the current project is of great interest to many customers. Please contact us for advice and support to view actual houses:




Cardinal Court Phu My Hung apartment rental price list

 1-bedroom apartment for rent in Cardinal Court Phu My Hung

  • Area: 50 m2
  • Condition: Full interior
  • Rental price:  16 million / month

2-bedroom apartment for rent in Cardinal Court Phu My Hung

  • Area: 80 m2
  • Condition: fully furnished
  • Rental price: 20-23 million/month

3-bedroom apartment for rent in Cardinal Court Phu My Hung

  • Area: 100 m2
  • Condition: fully furnished
  • Rental price: 35-40 million/month
  • Rent shophouse Cardinal Court Phu My Hung: Contact Sales department for more details.

“Cardinal Court Phu My Hung: Redefining Urban Living Excellence”

Introduction: Nestled within the vibrant tapestry of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, stands a beacon of contemporary living – Cardinal Court Phu My Hung. This ambitious project represents the pinnacle of modern urban development, blending luxury, sustainability, and community-centric design to create a haven for residents. In this essay, we will delve into the strong points of Cardinal Court Phu My Hung, exploring its architectural prowess, sustainable features, lifestyle amenities, and its contribution to fostering a thriving community.

Architectural Excellence: At the heart of Cardinal Court Phu My Hung lies its architectural brilliance. The project’s design seamlessly integrates modern aesthetics with functional spaces, elevating the skyline of Ho Chi Minh City. The architectural team’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the development, from the sleek lines of the skyscrapers to the thoughtfully landscaped green spaces that dot the landscape. Cardinal Court Phu My Hung stands as a testament to the power of innovative design in shaping the urban environment.

Sustainable Features: In an era marked by growing environmental consciousness, Cardinal Court Phu My Hung sets a new standard for sustainable development. The project incorporates a range of eco-friendly features, including energy-efficient building materials, solar panels, and rainwater harvesting systems. These initiatives not only reduce the development’s carbon footprint but also lower utility costs for residents, promoting long-term sustainability and affordability. By prioritizing environmental stewardship, Cardinal Court Phu My Hung demonstrates a commitment to shaping a greener, more sustainable future for Vietnam.

Lifestyle Amenities: Beyond its architectural and environmental merits, Cardinal Court Phu My Hung offers residents a truly unparalleled lifestyle experience. The development boasts a diverse array of amenities, including state-of-the-art fitness centers, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, and recreational spaces. Additionally, residents have access to an eclectic mix of dining, shopping, and entertainment options, ensuring that every need and desire is met within the confines of the community. Whether seeking relaxation or adventure, Cardinal Court Phu My Hung provides the perfect backdrop for residents to live their best lives.

Community Engagement: Central to the ethos of Cardinal Court Phu My Hung is a commitment to fostering a strong sense of community among its residents. The development features communal gathering spaces, such as parks, playgrounds, and community centers, where residents can come together to socialize, collaborate, and build meaningful connections. Furthermore, the project organizes a variety of community events and activities, ranging from cultural festivals to wellness workshops, designed to bring residents together and nurture a sense of belonging. By prioritizing community engagement, Cardinal Court Phu My Hung creates a supportive and inclusive environment where residents can thrive.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Cardinal Court Phu My Hung stands as a shining example of urban living excellence in Vietnam. Through its architectural innovation, sustainable features, lifestyle amenities, and community-centric approach, the project redefines the notion of modern urban development. As Ho Chi Minh City continues to evolve and grow, Cardinal Court Phu My Hung serves as a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating how thoughtful design and a commitment to sustainability can create vibrant, thriving communities for generations to come.

– Location: the center of the International Commercial and Financial Center area of ​​Phu My Hung (opposite Vinamilk, Petroland, SECC exhibition center,…)

– Including 2 15-16 storey buildings, Number of only 182 apartments
– Design: 2 bedrooms 75-76m2, 3 bedrooms 100m2, Penthouse with private terrace (169-208m2)
– Shophouse (ground floor & 2nd floor): 158-268m2
– Facilities: Lake Swimming room, gym, yoga room, clubhouse, children’s play area, reading room, spa, sauna,… are all free to use
– Legal: long-term pink book (including apartment and Shophouse)
— ———————
Reasons why Cardinal Court is EDGE certified – International Green Building:
– All construction materials, sanitary equipment, and electricity are selected according to high standards and are environmentally friendly
– Using a Solar insulation system capable of filtering ultraviolet rays, UV up to 99%
– The apartment is covered with double walls: reinforced concrete walls and unburnt bricks or ACC walls
– Faucets with water saving certification , at least 20%
of the roof is equipped with solar panels to illuminate the basement, the periphery of the utility area and the shop rows
– Sanitary water pipes are covered with noise reduction, helping to insulate and reduce noise
– The entire construction Cardinal Court projects are all EDGE certified, helping to save 30% on electricity bills and 39% on water bills.

Information about Cardinal Court Phu My Hung apartment complex

Cardinal Court Phu My Hung Apartment is a complex including apartments and shophouses. This is a product owned by Phu My Hung Co., Ltd. as an investor. Possessing a prime location combined with luxurious design style, Cardinal Court is truly a place worth living for residents.

  • Commercial name: Cardinal Court housing complex
  • Investor: Phu My Hung Development Company Limited 
  • Project location: Lot C13B, Raymondienne Avenue, Tan Phu Ward, District 7
  • Overall project area: 10,780 m2
  • Scale: 2 Towers 
  • Number of apartments: 182 apartments 
  • Type of apartment: Shophouse: 37 units, 2 bedrooms: 128 units (75.93m2 – 76.12m2), 3 bedrooms: 46 units (100.82m2), Tophouse: 08 units (169.08m2 – 207.13m2).

Evaluation of Cardinal Court’s location

Many customers want to own living space at Cardinal Court. However, this is a luxury product so the purchase price will be quite high. Therefore, there is even more rental demand from residents. Furthermore, the investor also has many incentives regarding rental prices. In addition, Cardinal Court also possesses many advantages and location advantages. Specifically evaluated as follows:

  • Cardinal Court is located right in the urban center with 4 sides adjacent to an expensive business street.
  • A series of new buildings around turn Cardinal Court into an extremely modern private urban space.
  • Convenient for economic activities as well as attracting a large number of intellectuals to live.
  • The surrounding ecological landscape is cool and comfortable, with a large walking street.
  • International school systems such as: Japan, Korea, Taipei, Canada, Saigon South, Saigon South 2, Dinh Thien Ly 2 
  • From Cardinal Court, it is conveniently connected to the convenient transportation system via Phu My, Tan Thuan 1, 2, Kenh Te, Nguyen Van Cu bridges…

According to real estate experts, Cardinal Court is one of the extremely expensive apartment complexes. Convenient in all aspects creates favorable conditions to have a civilized, intellectual and modern living environment. Right in the most expensive financial center in South Saigon, Cardinal Court becomes extremely special because of its green oasis-like architecture.

Each apartment located in the Cardinal Court area is considered a perfect “tailor-made” work. Blending with every meticulous detail, combining the use of light and clouds, it has helped spread a sustainable and sophisticated living space.

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the Cardinal Court Phu My Hung project


  • Prime location: Cardinal Court is located in the center of Phu My Hung urban area, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. This place is known as a “model urban area” with a complete infrastructure system, a green – clean – beautiful living environment and a civilized and intellectual community. Thanks to this location, Cardinal Court residents easily access amenities such as:
    • Education: Saigon South International School, Marie Curie School, Le Van Tam School,…
    • Medical: FV Hospital, Tam Anh Hospital, Vinmec Hospital,…
    • Shopping: SC VivoCity Shopping Center, Crescent Mall, Phu My Hung Market,…
    • Entertainment: Riveside amusement park, Saigon golf course, Cat Lai park,…
    • Administration: District 7 People’s Committee, other state administrative agencies.
  • Modern, luxurious design: Cardinal Court is designed in a modern, luxurious style with delicate and elegant lines. Each apartment is optimized for usable area, providing residents with a cool and comfortable living space.
  • Diverse amenities: Cardinal Court is fully equipped with amenities such as swimming pool, gym, spa, children’s play area, BBQ garden, 24/7 security system,… to meet all needs. activities and entertainment of residents.
  • Reputable investor: Phu My Hung is one of the leading prestigious real estate corporations in Vietnam with more than 30 years of development experience. Phu My Hung’s projects are highly appreciated for their quality and reputation, so Cardinal Court is also expected to be a successful project.


  • High selling price: Cardinal Court is a high-end project, so the project’s selling price is also quite high compared to the general market level. This may make some middle or low income customers hesitant.
  • High population density: Cardinal Court has a fairly high population density, which may affect the quiet and privacy of residents.
  • Construction progress: The Cardinal Court project was started in 2021 but is currently still in the construction phase. Therefore, customers buying houses in this project will have to wait a long time to receive the house.


Cardinal Court is a high-end apartment project with many strengths such as prime location, modern design, diverse amenities and reputable investor. However, the project also has some weaknesses such as high selling price, high population density and slow construction progress. Therefore, customers need to consider carefully before deciding to buy a house in this project.

In addition to the above strengths and weaknesses, customers also need to pay attention to a number of other factors such as their own needs, financial ability, market situation,… before making a decision to buy a house.


  • The above information is for reference only, customers should find out more official information from the project investor before deciding to buy a house.

When renting at Cardinal Court, residents will enjoy a series of expensive amenities. This is a huge investment of Phu My Hung. Because the investor wants to orient towards a valuable living and enjoyment space for a sustainable life. Residents not only live but also experience it as a luxury resort.

  • The private swimming pool system for adults and children is extremely large.
  • There is a modern gym and yoga room system, fully equipped with necessary equipment.
  • The green landscape is extremely fresh and fresh
  • Ideal fun activity, taking care of your health and spirit
  • Cardinal Court is located near many high-end shopping centers.
  • The school system is fully equipped at all levels
  • Large system of clinics and hospitals nearby

Cardinal Court is located in a location known as the “Central Business District” of the entire South area. Here, there are buildings and offices of international corporations operating in various economic sectors. The golden location ensures the huge price increase potential of Cardinal Court’s key areas: trade promotion, finance, banking, insurance, services…

If you are looking for preferential rental prices and good conditions, do not hesitate to contact us. Committed to providing detailed support for the best quality Cardinal Court products. Any questions should be discussed via the following information:





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