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Villa in Thao Dien District 2 for sale-Best price updated

Villa  in Thao Dien is an ideal residential choice for households who like comfort and modernity. This is the perfect living space with many attractive internal and external advantages. Contact our Sales Department to receive the best price list updates and the fastest home viewing support.





Beautiful Compound Area and Facade 

  • Selling price of Villa Thao Dien on Nguyen Van Huong street, area  370m2 , 6 bedrooms, selling price 90 billion
  • Selling price of Villa Thao Dien on Xuan Thuy street,   area  400 m2, design 6 bedrooms, selling price  95 billion
  • Selling price of Villa Thao Dien on Quoc Huong street , 600m2, 6-bedroom design, selling price 120 billion
  • Selling price of Villa Thao Dien on Tran Huy Lieu street , area  1000 m2 , design 6 bedrooms, price 250 billion
  • Selling price of Villa Thao Dien on Thao Dien  street , area  1200 m2, design 6 bedrooms, price 260 billion
  • Selling price of Villa Thao Dien on Tran Ngoc  street , area  1200 m2 , design 6 bedrooms, price  255 billion

There are many beautiful villas at good prices that are constantly being updated as quickly as possible. Please contact the Sales Department for assistance in viewing the house and negotiating the best selling price for you.



General information about Thao Dien villa

The scale of Villa Thao Dien District 2 is 2.7 hectares wide with a design of 29 villas. Each villa is designed with its own impressive and unique style. Although land funds in this area are gradually scarce, investors still own a unique location in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. 

The villas in Thao Dien area all have a beautiful location right next to the river, with a swimming pool and spacious garden villas. The area of ​​each villa is about 272m2 to 1018m2. The design of the villas is quite modern, suitable for the surrounding view, providing a quality, relaxing and modern place to live. 

In addition, the design of the villas also brings a new breeze to the District 2 area. Green space is invested extremely carefully. To provide customers with the highest quality and healthiest place to live. This investment has clearly evaluated the investor’s concern for the health of each customer. 

That’s why many customers are interested in the selling price of Villa Thao Dien. An ideal space suitable for both individuals and families to live in is extremely wonderful. 

Villa Thao Dien possesses a beautiful and convenient location

Certainly when choosing to buy a villa to live in, the first thing customers care about most is the location. Villa Thao Dien is located in a prime land bank with extremely convenient connections. As follows:

  • Villa is located on Nguyen Van Huong street, main road of Thao Dien ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. 
  • Only 200m from Saigon River, 5km from city center.
  • Villa is adjacent to many convenient locations such as schools, supermarkets, markets, hospitals, shopping centers…
  • From the villa’s location, you can connect to many other nearby locations.
  • Convenient transportation and complete infrastructure are the basis for making people’s travel more comfortable. 
  • If you want to own a Thao Dien villa, this is an opportunity to own an attractive profit. 

District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City currently has a scarce land fund because many investors flock here to build. To be able to hold this advantage, the investor must have made an extremely reasonable calculation in the long term. Currently, Thao Dien villas have been gradually welcomed by many customers with special incentives. 

Review of Thao Dien villa amenities

It is impossible not to mention the most modern amenities of Villa Thao Dien area. This is the ideal living space for those who want to enjoy a luxurious, relaxing, and classy life. 

  • Thao Dien villas are all designed with a modern style, consistent with trends. Each design has an extremely perfect style, unique and has its own distinct beauty. 
  • There are full amenities such as swimming pool, spacious garden, and entertainment area. When living here, residents can both experience and improve their health. 
  • The design of the walking path around the villa is quite convenient, suitable for jogging, exercising or gathering with friends. 
  • Sports centers that serve the needs of improving health are also equipped with many high-end equipment.
  • Provides convenient backup power system.
  • The security system is guaranteed, with close control throughout the villa area….

Villa Thao Dien has a full range of extremely attractive internal and external amenities. This is a perfect villa inside and out with huge investment from the investor. Living here will bring you a luxurious, extremely relaxing life. 

The selling price of Thao Dien villa in District 2 is being updated continuously. Although this is an extremely high-class living space, the purchase cost is very “soft” compared to the general level in Ho Chi Minh City. There are many customers to come and learn about but still have not chosen and made a reasonable decision. If customers want more detailed advice, they can contact us for the best support.





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