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Why should we invest shophouse for business in Vinhomes Grand Park now? Information and details.

Vinhomes Grand Park is a large township development project in Ho Chi Minh City. This means it’s likely to attract a large residential population, creating a built-in customer base for your business.

Potential for Growth: As the surrounding area develops, the value of your shophouse could increase over time.

Here are some reasons why investing in a shophouse for business in Vinhomes Grand Park could be a good option:


The potential of Vincom Mega Mall in Vinhomes Grand Park looks promising based on several factors:

Strong Customer Base:

  • Built-in Residents: Located within Vinhomes Grand Park, a large township with an estimated 200,000 residents, the mall has a guaranteed customer base right on its doorstep.
  • Wider Reach: Advertisers estimate it can attract 1.5 million people within a 5 km radius, capturing residents from surrounding areas.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Largest Mall in The South of Viet Nam: As of June 2024, it holds the title of biggest mall in the South of Viet Nam, potentially attracting customers seeking a wider variety of stores and experiences.
  • “Life-Design Mall” Concept: The focus on a unique blend of architecture, art, technology, and green spaces could create a more attractive and engaging destination for shoppers.
  • “Park-in-Mall” Theme: This focus on incorporating nature provides a fresh experience and caters to a growing desire for green spaces.

Additional Advantages:

  • Reputable Developer: Backed by Vincom, a major retail developer in Vietnam, the mall benefits from their experience and established brand reputation.
  • Surrounding Development: The mall is part of a larger township project with parks, residential areas, and other amenities, potentially creating a vibrant and attractive hub.

Overall, Vincom Mega Mall in Vinhomes Grand Park has the potential to be a successful destination mall. Its large size, unique concept, and strong customer base are positive indicators. However, careful tenant selection, effective marketing, and maintaining the “Park-in-Mall” experience will be crucial for long-term success.

Vinhomes Grand Park is a large-scale urban complex in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, developed by Vingroup. This development includes various facilities and amenities to support a high standard of living, including educational institutions. Here are the types of schools and educational opportunities available within Vinhomes Grand Park:

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    • Vinschool Primary, Secondary, and High School: Vinschool is a well-known educational brand under Vingroup, providing comprehensive education from primary through high school. These schools follow a rigorous curriculum aimed at developing both academic and personal skills.
    • Vinschool Kindergarten: Catering to younger children, this kindergarten provides early childhood education in a safe and nurturing environment.
    • KGS School, also known as the Korean Global School, is one of the educational institutions located within Vinhomes Grand Park. Here are some key features and offerings of KGS School:
      1. Curriculum:
        • Bilingual Education: KGS School offers a bilingual curriculum, integrating both Korean and international educational standards. This approach ensures that students are proficient in both Korean and English, preparing them for global opportunities.
        • Comprehensive Subjects: The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects including Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Physical Education. Additionally, there are specialized courses in arts, music, and technology.
      2. Levels of Education:
        • Kindergarten: Early childhood education with a focus on play-based learning, social skills, and foundational academics.
        • Primary School: Elementary education that builds on core subjects and introduces students to a broader curriculum.
        • Secondary School: Middle and high school education that prepares students for higher education and global careers, with advanced subjects and elective courses.
      3. Facilities:
        • Modern Classrooms: Equipped with state-of-the-art technology to support interactive and engaging learning experiences.
        • Science and Computer Labs: Specialized labs for hands-on learning in science and technology subjects.
        • Sports and Recreational Areas: Facilities for various sports and physical activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle and teamwork.
      4. Extracurricular Activities:
        • Clubs and Societies: A wide range of clubs including drama, debate, robotics, and more, allowing students to pursue their interests and develop new skills.
        • Sports Teams: Opportunities to participate in competitive sports and recreational activities.
      5. Support Services:
        • Counseling and Guidance: Support services for academic, career, and personal development.
        • Special Education: Programs and resources for students with special educational needs.
      6. Community and Culture:
        • Korean Cultural Programs: Events and activities that celebrate Korean culture and traditions, fostering a sense of community among students and parents.
        • Global Perspective: Encouraging cultural exchange and understanding through diverse student and faculty backgrounds.

      KGS School in Vinhomes Grand Park aims to provide a well-rounded, high-quality education that blends Korean values with an international outlook, preparing students for success in a globalized world.

  1. Specialized Training Centers:
    • Language Centers: Various language centers offer English, French, and other language courses to students and adults, helping to improve communication skills and prepare for international exams like IELTS and TOEFL.
    • STEM and Coding Schools: These schools focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, as well as coding and robotics, to equip students with essential skills for the future.
  2. Extracurricular and Enrichment Programs:
    • Music and Arts Schools: Facilities offering music, dance, and art classes to foster creativity and artistic talents in students.
    • Sports Academies: Including swimming, tennis, football, and other sports, these academies promote physical fitness and teamwork.
  3. Community and Public Education Facilities:
    • Public Schools: Local public schools in the surrounding area provide education following the national curriculum, accessible to residents of Vinhomes Grand Park.
    • Community Learning Centers: These centers offer various courses and workshops for lifelong learning, targeting different age groups and interests.

Overall, Vinhomes Grand Park aims to create a well-rounded educational environment that caters to diverse needs, from early childhood to secondary education, and includes international options and specialized training.


Brighton College, known for its prestigious reputation in the UK, has established a campus at Vinhomes Grand Park, adding to the range of high-quality educational options available in the area. Here are some key details about Brighton College at Vinhomes Grand Park:

  1. Curriculum:
    • British Curriculum: Brighton College follows the British curriculum, which is known for its rigorous academic standards and comprehensive educational approach. This includes the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), followed by Key Stages 1 to 4, and culminating in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and A-Levels.
  2. Educational Philosophy:
    • Holistic Development: The school emphasizes not just academic excellence but also the holistic development of students, focusing on intellectual, emotional, and social growth.
    • Innovative Teaching: Brighton College is known for its innovative and forward-thinking teaching methods, encouraging critical thinking, creativity, and independent learning.
  3. Facilities:
    • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: The campus is equipped with modern classrooms, science labs, libraries, and computer labs to support a dynamic learning environment.
    • Sports and Arts Facilities: There are extensive facilities for sports, including swimming pools, sports fields, and gyms, as well as dedicated spaces for music, drama, and visual arts.
  4. Extracurricular Activities:
    • Wide Range of Activities: Students have access to a broad spectrum of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, arts, and various clubs, helping to nurture talents and interests outside the academic sphere.
    • Community Engagement: The school promotes community service and engagement, encouraging students to participate in activities that benefit the wider community.
  5. International Perspective:
    • Global Education: Brighton College provides an international perspective, preparing students for higher education and careers worldwide. It focuses on developing global citizens who are culturally aware and socially responsible.
  6. Student Support Services:
    • Pastoral Care: The school offers strong pastoral care to support the well-being of students, including counseling services and mentorship programs.
    • Academic Support: Additional academic support is available through tutoring and personalized learning plans to help each student achieve their full potential.

Brighton College at Vinhomes Grand Park represents a commitment to providing top-tier education, blending the best of British educational traditions with a global outlook, and state-of-the-art facilities to create an enriching environment for students.


VinWonders Vinhomes Grand Park, will be opened soon, aims to attract customers through a variety of offerings:

Targeted Audience:

  • Residents of Vinhomes Grand Park: With an estimated 200,000 residents, Vinhomes Grand Park provides a built-in customer base for VinWonders. Residents can easily access the park for entertainment without needing to travel far.
  • Families and Children: The park is designed with families and children in mind, featuring water rides, playgrounds, and themed areas. This caters to a large segment of the population looking for fun outings.
  • Thrill Seekers: Adrenaline-pumping rides and attractions are likely to attract thrill seekers looking for an exciting experience.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Variety of Activities: Boasting over 100 activities, VinWonders promises a diverse experience encompassing entertainment, shopping, nature exploration, sports, and more. This caters to a wide range of interests.
  • International Standards: The park is positioned as a world-class entertainment destination, potentially attracting visitors seeking a high-quality experience.
  • Integration with Vinhomes Grand Park: The park’s location within the larger development creates a seamless connection between living space and entertainment, offering convenience and a complete leisure experience.

Additional Strategies:

  • Special Events and Promotions: Hosting seasonal events, shows, and offering promotions can attract visitors and keep them coming back.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Targeted marketing campaigns can raise awareness about the park’s offerings and attract visitors from surrounding areas.
  • Positive Customer Experience: Ensuring a clean, well-maintained park with friendly staff is crucial for building a positive reputation and attracting repeat customers.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Competition: Other amusement parks in Ho Chi Minh City could pose competition.
  • Ticket Pricing: The park’s ticket prices may need to be balanced to attract customers while remaining profitable.
  • Accessibility: Easy access and transportation options will be important for attracting visitors from outside Vinhomes Grand Park.

Overall, VinWonders Vinhomes Grand Park has a strong potential to attract customers by offering a diverse range of activities, targeting multiple demographics, and integrating seamlessly with the surrounding development. However, careful marketing, competitive pricing, and a focus on customer experience will be essential for long-term success. It will rapidly increase number of travelling customers not only in Ho Chi Minh City but also in Viet Nam.


The development of traffic infrastructure in and around Vinhomes Grand Park is a crucial aspect of ensuring the accessibility and convenience of this large urban complex. Several key factors and potential developments are likely to shape the traffic situation in Vinhomes Grand Park:

  1. Road Network Expansion:
    • Internal Roadways: The development includes a comprehensive network of internal roads designed to facilitate smooth traffic flow within the complex. These roads are planned to be wide and well-maintained, with designated lanes for different types of vehicles.
    • External Connectivity: Enhancements to the surrounding road network are anticipated to improve connectivity to major highways and arterial roads, easing access to and from Vinhomes Grand Park.
  2. Public Transportation:
    • Bus Services: The establishment of dedicated bus routes connecting Vinhomes Grand Park with key areas of Ho Chi Minh City can significantly reduce the reliance on private vehicles, easing congestion.
    • Metro and Rail Links: Future extensions of the Ho Chi Minh City metro system could include stations near Vinhomes Grand Park, providing residents with a fast and efficient mode of public transport.
  3. Smart Traffic Management:
    • Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS): Implementing ITS can help manage traffic flow more effectively through the use of real-time data, adaptive traffic signals, and integrated control centers to monitor and respond to traffic conditions.
    • Traffic Monitoring: The use of CCTV cameras and sensors can assist in traffic monitoring, ensuring quick responses to incidents and better overall traffic management.
  4. Non-Motorized Transport:
    • Pedestrian Pathways: Safe and well-designed pedestrian pathways encourage walking within the complex, reducing short-distance vehicle trips.
    • Bicycle Lanes: Dedicated bicycle lanes promote cycling as a sustainable and healthy mode of transport, helping to decrease traffic congestion.
  5. Parking Solutions:
    • Multi-Level Parking Facilities: Building multi-level parking structures can accommodate a large number of vehicles, preventing on-street parking and ensuring smoother traffic flow.
    • Smart Parking Systems: Implementing smart parking solutions that guide drivers to available parking spots can reduce the time spent searching for parking, thereby reducing traffic congestion.
  6. Integration with Surrounding Developments:
    • Collaborative Planning: Coordination with adjacent developments and local authorities is essential to create an integrated traffic management plan that addresses the needs of the broader area.
    • Infrastructure Upgrades: Joint efforts to upgrade existing infrastructure, such as bridges, tunnels, and road widening projects, can enhance overall connectivity and reduce bottlenecks.
  7. Green Transport Initiatives:
    • Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure: Installing EV charging stations throughout the complex encourages the use of electric vehicles, contributing to a reduction in pollution and traffic noise.
    • Carpooling and Shuttle Services: Promoting carpooling and providing shuttle services can reduce the number of vehicles on the road, particularly during peak hours.

The successful implementation of these traffic development strategies will help ensure that Vinhomes Grand Park remains a highly accessible and convenient place to live, work, and visit, while minimizing traffic congestion and promoting sustainable transport options.

The Belt 3 traffic project is a significant infrastructure development that aims to enhance connectivity in and around Ho Chi Minh City, including Vinhomes Grand Park.

Here are the key aspects of the Belt 3 traffic project as it pertains to Vinhomes Grand Park:

  1. Overview of Belt 3:
    • Purpose: Belt 3 is designed to create a ring road around Ho Chi Minh City, facilitating the movement of traffic between various districts and reducing congestion in the city center.
    • Route: This ring road will connect several major highways and arterial roads, creating a continuous loop that improves traffic flow and accessibility.
  2. Impact on Vinhomes Grand Park:
    • Improved Connectivity: The proximity of Vinhomes Grand Park to Belt 3 will significantly enhance its accessibility, making it easier for residents and visitors to travel to and from the complex.
    • Reduced Travel Time: With direct access to Belt 3, the travel time to key locations in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas will be reduced, making commutes more efficient.
  3. Construction and Development:
    • Phases of Construction: The Belt 3 project is typically completed in phases, with each segment being constructed to gradually complete the entire ring road. This phased approach ensures that different parts of the city benefit progressively from improved traffic flow.
    • Infrastructure Upgrades: Along with the road construction, associated infrastructure upgrades such as bridges, overpasses, and intersections are developed to support the increased traffic capacity.
  4. Benefits to Residents:
    • Enhanced Mobility: Residents of Vinhomes Grand Park will benefit from enhanced mobility, with quicker access to commercial centers, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment venues.
    • Property Value Appreciation: Improved infrastructure and connectivity typically lead to an appreciation in property values, making Vinhomes Grand Park a more attractive investment.
    • Economic Opportunities: Better traffic infrastructure can attract businesses and services to the area, creating more economic opportunities and convenience for residents.
  5. Traffic Management:
    • Reduced Congestion: By diverting through-traffic away from the city center and distributing it more evenly, Belt 3 helps reduce congestion in busy urban areas.
    • Sustainable Development: Incorporating sustainable traffic management practices, such as intelligent traffic systems and green transport initiatives, ensures that the development is environmentally friendly.
  6. Integration with Public Transport:
    • Public Transport Links: The Belt 3 project is likely to integrate with existing and planned public transport systems, such as bus routes and metro lines, providing multimodal transport options for residents.
    • Park and Ride Facilities: Facilities that allow commuters to park their vehicles and switch to public transport can be included, promoting the use of public transportation and reducing private vehicle usage.
  7. Future Prospects:
    • Continued Development: As the Belt 3 project progresses, ongoing development and enhancements will continue to improve traffic conditions and connectivity in the region.
    • Urban Planning Synergy: The project aligns with broader urban planning initiatives aimed at sustainable growth and development in Ho Chi Minh City, contributing to the overall quality of life.

The Belt 3 traffic project represents a significant step forward in enhancing the infrastructure and connectivity of Vinhomes Grand Park, making it a more accessible, convenient, and attractive place to live.


The 36-hole golf course at Vinhomes Grand Park is a significant recreational and lifestyle amenity, catering to golf enthusiasts and adding to the overall appeal of the development. Here are the key details about the golf course:

  1. Course Design:
    • 36 Holes: The golf course features 36 holes, providing a comprehensive and varied golfing experience suitable for players of all skill levels.
    • Professional Design: Designed by renowned golf course architects, the course incorporates natural landscapes, water features, and strategically placed bunkers to offer challenging and enjoyable play.
  2. Facilities:
    • Clubhouse: The golf course includes a modern clubhouse with facilities such as locker rooms, a pro shop, and lounges for relaxation and socializing.
    • Driving Range: A driving range is available for practice, complete with training aids and professional instructors for those looking to improve their game.
    • Golf Academy: The golf academy offers lessons and clinics for beginners and advanced players, conducted by certified golf professionals.
  3. Amenities:
    • Restaurants and Cafes: On-site dining options provide golfers with a variety of food and beverage choices, from casual snacks to fine dining.
    • Event Spaces: The clubhouse and surrounding areas can host private events, corporate outings, and tournaments, making it a hub for social and business gatherings.
    • Pro Shop: The pro shop offers a range of golfing equipment, apparel, and accessories, catering to all golfing needs.
  4. Membership Options:
    • Exclusive Memberships: Various membership packages are available, offering benefits such as priority tee times, discounts on services, and access to exclusive events.
    • Guest Access: While memberships provide the best value, guests and visitors can also enjoy the course with daily access passes.
  5. Scenic Environment:
    • Natural Beauty: The golf course is designed to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, featuring lush greenery, serene water bodies, and scenic views that enhance the overall experience.
    • Well-Maintained Grounds: The course is meticulously maintained to ensure optimal playing conditions year-round.
  6. Community and Lifestyle Integration:
    • Residential Proximity: Many residential units in Vinhomes Grand Park are located close to the golf course, offering stunning views and easy access for avid golfers.
    • Lifestyle Enhancement: The golf course adds a prestigious and luxurious element to the community, attracting residents who value an active and high-quality lifestyle.
  7. Economic and Social Impact:
    • Property Value: The presence of a high-quality golf course can enhance property values within Vinhomes Grand Park, making it a more attractive investment.
    • Community Engagement: Golf tournaments, social events, and community activities centered around the golf course foster a strong sense of community and engagement among residents.

Overall, the 36-hole golf course at Vinhomes Grand Park is a premier amenity that significantly enhances the living experience, offering recreational, social, and economic benefits to residents and visitors alike.


Vinhomes Grand Park offers a wide range of amenities designed to provide a high-quality living experience. Here are some key amenities available in the development:

  1. Educational Facilities:
    • Vinschool (kindergarten to high school)
    • Brighton College
  2. Healthcare Services:
    • Vinmec International Hospital
    • Clinics and medical centers
  3. Shopping and Dining:
    • Vincom Mega Mall
    • Supermarkets and convenience stores
    • Restaurants and cafes
  4. Recreational and Leisure Facilities:
    • Grand Park (central park with greenery, walking paths, and lakes)
    • Sports complexes (tennis courts, football fields, swimming pools)
    • Fitness centers and gyms
  5. Residential Amenities:
    • High-quality apartments and villas
    • Children’s playgrounds
    • Community centers
  6. Transport and Connectivity:
    • Internal shuttle bus services
    • Proximity to Belt 3 ring road
  7. Security and Maintenance:
    • 24/7 security services
    • Property management and maintenance services
  8. Community Services:
    • Event halls and meeting rooms
    • Cultural and entertainment venues

These amenities are designed to cater to the diverse needs of residents, providing convenience, comfort, and a vibrant community lifestyle.

Overall, investing in shophouses at Vinhomes Grand Park offers significant potential for good returns due to its strategic location, high demand, comprehensive amenities, and quality development.

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