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Thao Dien villa for rent airbnb-short or long term

How much does it cost to rent a Thao Dien Airbnb villa per day? Why should you rent a resort Villa? This is what many customers are interested in when mentioning Thao Dien villa. One of the most famous villa areas in Ho Chi Minh City with modernity, comfort and luxury. Please contact the Sales Department for price advice and to see the actual house.



Rental price is 500-600$/night 

We have a variety of beautiful villas for you to choose from.

Support tenants to view reality before booking.


Information about Villa Thao Dien

Thao Dien is the most famous “fun” place in Ho Chi Minh City. This is a convenient location for many people who want to settle down and start a business. Among them, Villa Thao Dien must be mentioned – one of the ideal resort spaces. Here you can enjoy an extremely modern and comfortable life. Combining a series of surrounding amenities, it will definitely be a suitable place for relaxation. 

  • Villa Thao Dien is located in District 2, with many luxurious and high-end villas.
  • Each villa space has its own ideal design, bringing an extremely attractive feeling. 
  • All rooms are provided with full equipment to serve daily needs.
  • In particular, the villa also has many entertainment services, suitable for short vacation trips.
  • Renting Thao Dien Airbnb villas by day is a trend for many young people. Because this is a accommodation space that offers many amenities.

Villa Thao Dien is considered the number 1 gathering place of commercial centers, apartments, and restaurants in Saigon. That’s why Thao Dien has become a priority for customers right from the moment of operation. If on the weekend you and your family have fun and relax together at the villa, it will definitely be a very meaningful day. 

Internal amenities

Villa Dien owns an outstanding internal utility system with green living trends and high-class services.


Evaluate the location of Villa Thao Dien

Villa Thao Dien is considered the most luxurious villa area in District 2 with a prime location. Everyone who once experiences the living space here will not be able to help but wonder about the “spending” from the investor. 

  • Thao Dien villa area is located adjacent to the Saigon River and the frontages are extremely prime.
  • Easy connection to many major routes thanks to its central location. Convenient for moving to: supermarkets, shopping centers, amusement parks, markets, schools…
  • Very convenient for moving with large road space. 
  • All villas are focused on the facade, so no matter which villa you stay in, you will feel close, luxurious and high-class.

The fact that Thao Dien villa holds such beautiful land is a great advantage that helps the entire villa area become a highlight in the heart of the Saigon River. When living or vacationing here, customers will be able to feel the bustle of the city and be immersed in a luxurious, high-class space. 

Why should you rent a Thao Dien Airbnb villa by the day?

Renting Thao Dien Airbnb villas by day is a trend that many young people, families, and groups are interested in. If you want to choose a spacious, high-class space to hold a party, proposal, reunion or farewell party, this is also a good suggestion. 

  • The reason for the need to rent Thao Dien villa by the day is because:
  • The villa space is spacious and airy.
  • Modern design, luxury.
  • Attentive service, quick support
  • High-end design helps young people comfortably check-in and live virtually in every corner. 
  • Beautiful view, comfortable for enjoying a quiet, gentle life.
  • A place to help you relax, let go of all the worries of life or busy work…

The need to rent villas through Airbnb is increasingly popular. This proves that this is a space worth spending money to experience. If you miss the opportunity to come here to relax, you definitely should not miss Thao Dien villa in District 2. 

How much is the daily rental price of Villa Thao Dien Airbnb?

Many people are interested in how much it is to rent Thao Dien Airbnb villa per day? In fact, Thao Dien villa is known as the most high-end “entertainment” place in District 2, but in fact the daily rental price is extremely “soft”. The amount of money you spend will definitely help you have a great experience.

If customers want to consult about the daily rental price of Thao Dien Airbnb villas in detail for each villa, please contact us immediately.



Rental price is 500-600$/night 

We have a variety of beautiful villas for you to choose from.

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