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Lumiere Riverside apartment for sale in Thao Dien District 2

Lumiere Riverside apartment complex is exploding with extremely attractive prices. If you want to learn about high-end luxury apartments, this will definitely be a perfect suggestion. The information below has been updated with the latest information for your reference.Please contact us for service:




Selling price of Lumiere Riverside apartment 

Selling price of 1-bedroom  Lumiere Riverside apartment

  • Area: 52 sqm
  • Status: Full furniture or basic handover from developer
  • Price: 6,5 Billion -7 Billion

Selling price of 2-bedroom  Lumiere Riverside apartment

  • Area: 76 sqm
  • Status: Full furniture or basic handover from developer
  • Price: 8,6 Billion -10 Billion

Selling price of 3-bedroom  Lumiere Riverside apartment

  • Area: 95 sqm
  • Status: Full furniture or basic handover from developer
  • Price: 11 Billion -15 Billion

Selling price of 4-bedroom  Lumiere Riverside apartment

  • Area:198-293 sqm
  • Status: Full furniture or basic handover from developer
  • Price:  Please contact our Sales department for further information.

Selling price of Pen house duplex in Lumiere Riverside

Please contact our Sales department for further information.

Introducing general information about Lumiere Riverside

  • Project name: Parkland Residential and Commercial Center – Office Project
  • Trade name: LUMIÈRE riverside
  • Address: 259 Hanoi Highway, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Investor: Parkland Housing Complex and Commercial Center Company Limited
  • Total land area: 19,395m2
  • Scale: 2 Towers (West tower is 44 floors high and East tower is 36 floors high)

Lumiere Riverside is an apartment complex that is highly appreciated by the District 2 real estate market in design and investment. The product brings a perfect living space inside and out and especially clearly shows the upper class and luxury. With a long-term vision, the investor has made new breakthroughs to bring residents a high-class, luxurious life.

Currently, the Lumiere Riverside apartment complex is the target of many wealthy families and customers. However, if compared with the selling price in the area, this is considered the ideal living space with the “softest” price in District 2.

Evaluate the attractive location at Lumiere Riverside

The first plus point when mentioning Masteri Lumiere Riverside is its attractive location. The apartment complex is located at 628A Hanoi Highway, An Phu Ward, District 2 adjacent to Masteri An Phu. This is considered a valuable land fund because it owns an extremely valuable remaining location in District 2. Located in the center of elite residential communities, Masteri Lumiere Riverside has had many high ratings right from the start. the first days of construction.

From the project location, you can move to many locations in the city. The most special thing is to have a view of the poetic Saigon life. That also means that residents living here will experience cool, airy, fresh air.

Specifically connecting from Masteri Lumiere Riverside to neighboring areas such as:

  • Moving from the apartment to Hanoi Highway and Saigon Bridge to Binh Thanh only takes 3 minutes
  • Get to Thu Duc, District 9 via Hanoi Highway and Rach Chiec Bridge in 5 minutes
  • Getting to Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway via Mai Chi Tho takes 5 minutes
  • Via Mai Chi Tho route to Thu Thiem only takes 10 minutes
  • Getting to Metro No. 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien only takes 3 minutes…

Because Masteri Lumiere Riverside is located in the center of District 2, it can be easily moved to major locations in the city. This creates a convenient connection so that residents living here can comfortably connect to neighboring areas.

Modern amenities in Lumiere Riverside apartment complex

Investor Lumiere Riverside has created a special design that creates outstanding appeal, causing the apartment complex to receive many positive feedback from real estate experts and customers. A perfect living space with a series of top-notch amenities is definitely the choice of many residents. When living here, residents will enjoy modern amenities with many amenities such as:

  • Green, fresh, high-class and luxurious living space.
  • Gym with full high-end equipment.
  • The specially designed elevated swimming pool helps residents relax at all times.
  • Many culinary and beverage restaurants provide dedicated and thoughtful service.
  • Park system, comfortable walking paths…

In addition, residents also enjoy many expensive outside amenities such as:

  • Hospital system: VinMec, Family Medical Practice, AIH…
  • Commercial centers: Estella Palace, VinCom Mega Mall, Big C…
  • International schools: AIS, BIS, TAS…

This is a perfect choice for households and individuals who love a civilized, healthy and upscale lifestyle. The apartment complex meets both physical and mental needs so that residents can both live and relax, entertain and enjoy life.

Floor plan design of Masteri Lumiere Riverside apartment complex

Masteri Lumiere Riverside is designed in a unique, modern style. Aim for a green and elegant living environment with minimalist interior design. The space is optimized with many fresh green areas and has a variety of areas to meet customer needs. Specifically:


  • 1 bedroom apartment: 52 sqm
  • 2 bedroom apartment: 76 sqm
  • 3-bedroom apartment: 95 sqm
  • 4-bedroom apartment: 293 sqm

To learn more about the latest selling prices of Masteri Lumiere Riverside District 2 apartments in April 2024, please contact us for the most dedicated support:





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